Covid-19 – our latest update

We thought we should try to keep you up to date with proposed classes.  At the time of writing we are hoping we may be able to restart the classes in April 2021 so long as it is safe for everyone to do so.  So we are organizing and planning for then. 

We have, in the meantime, organized private lessons. i.e. two couples in the hall at the same time with measures in place for everyone’s safety.      If you are interested in private lessons please let us know.  They do not have to be every week, they can be once a fortnight or once a month during the day or evening. Lessons are held at Boreham Village Hall, Chelmsford, Essex on a Tuesday afternoon or evening, and at Hasketon Village Hall, Suffolk on a Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Lessons are a great way to ‘catch up’ on missed classes, to learn a new dance, for first couple dance or simply just for the fun of it! Come along and experience this amazing world of dancing!